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Place: Dobrodol
Licence: Ribolovaki savez Vojvodine
Accommodation: "AKVA KAMP"
Dominant fish species: carp, chiton, pike-perch, amur
Sport Fishermen Association: "Saran" Ruma, info phone: 021/4780 360

It is one of the most beautiful lakes of Srem where a unique piece and beauty of nature offer additional delight.

The lake covers an area of 45 ha and its depth is around 6 m. A very healthy water of this lake with plenty of food makes it abound with big specimens of carp, amur and pike-perch, chiton and white fish can always be caught successfully. Vessels are planned to be placed on the lake for recreational fishing – “aqua-camp”. This is the first destination in Vojvodina to provide a full pleasure to sport fishermen.

The lake is fish-stocked with 30 000 “wild” carps.

Fishing is allowed only from the shore.




2009-09-17 12:21:33
Pudarski dani 2009

The 17th annual manifestation will be held from september 17th (Thursday) to september 19th (Saturday). More...

2009-09-17 12:17:36
Pudarski dani 2007

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2008-10-20 20:30:19
Golden medal for the Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Irig

During the 41st International Fair of Tourism in Novi Sad, the Golden Medal was awarded to the Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Irig. More...




Monoster Ravanica

In 1687. transfer Tsar Lazars relics from Sent Andreja, and then to Vrdnik.

Monoster Grgeteg

As the tradition says, Monester Grgeteg was founded in 1470 by Zmaj Ognjen Vuk.

Monoster Hopovo

The oldest mention in writing of this monastery goes back to 1451. The present church was built in 1575-1576.

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